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The Home Health business has emerged as one of the fastest growing business opportunities with an ever increasing clientele base and a rapid inflow of fresh investment in the area. The sector still does not have a very high level of competition in many areas which makes it attractive for new players.

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The business in itself has several internal niche areas such as Home Companion, Home Medical Equipment, Home Nursing, Non-medical home care etc. to name a few. This makes the process of selling or purchasing a Home Health business extremely complicated and that is where our service comes to your support.

We provide end to end service for both buyers and sellers and have specialised packages for both the groups. We encourage you to explore our services and contact us for any queries.

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We believe that we should be the single source for all your home health business transactions and there would be a package for every business.

About us is a specialised part from the wider bouquet of services from Empire Legal, a full service law firm. Through this website, we aim to bring buyers and sellers of home health businesses at a common platform.
As an extremely specialised business, the sale or purchase of a home health business involves a number of complications such as revenue projections, demographic analysis of the area where the business is located, check of licensing parameters and maintaining existing business relations with customers.


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