Services for Sellers understands that finding a serious buyer who will go through with a transaction is a challenge. Many buyers who show interest at the initial stage eventually drop off at later stages resulting in huge costs for the seller who has to spend funds and time for arranging pre sale discussions.

The process of deliberations with buyers can also put sellers at a severe disadvantage because under many circumstances, the parties sign confidentiality and exclusive negotiation agreements. A delayed sale may also mean possible reduction in value. In case, sale does not go through after the signing of the Letter of Intent, it means both a loss of time and money for the seller.

Keeping in mind all these circumstances, we at Empire Legal offer a range of services for sellers and aid you in finding the right buyer for your business. Our services include:

(a) Buyer introduction services

We connect you with potential serious buyers who would be interested in a business like you want to sale. We provide the buyers with initial information and undertake the preliminary discussions to ensure that only well informed buyers reach your desk. This leads to both savings in time and money for the seller.

(b) Undertaking the transaction

We assist you with completing the transaction at later stages and can also assist in preparation of the negotiation agreements and the final agreements for the transfer of the business.




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