Valuation of a business is an extremely important activity in situation of mergers and acquisitions. It is an extremely critical activity requiring in depth knowledge of the goodwill enjoyed by the business and also of the physical property attached to the business. In case of a running business, it may also involve the brand value of the business, the value of the permits and licenses held and also information of the existing incomes and profits of the business.

We at sellyourhomehalth.com can provide you with an accurate evaluation of the value of your home health business by looking through existing data such as cash flows, area of operation, duration of operation and the value of the property owned by the business. We also look into areas such as the availability of permits and a dedicated customer base and brand name which can make a significant difference in valuation.

We can also provide similar services for prospective buyers who want to have a realistic picture of the value of the business before actually undertaking the transaction. Our well experienced team which tracks information about past sales of similar businesses and have evaluated a number of mergers and acquisitions can be of immense assistance in this regard.

For any prospective buyer or seller, sellyourhomeheath.com, the specialised division of Empire Legal should be the first step for understanding the true value of the business which they seek to buy/ sell. This can help make a more realistic assessment of your business decisions and would prevent future disappointments.

If you are interested in knowing the correct valuation of your home health business that you plan to sell or want to know about a realistic value of a business you want to buy, first contact us to provide you the real picture. If required, for buyers, we can also move ahead to find suitable businesses and for sellers, we may help take your process of sale forward through logistics and legal assistance.




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